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For more information on our schooling options please contact us at [email protected]

Day School

ZMG Tennis has a working relationship with local high schools that will allow a flexible schooling schedule to enable the student athlete to train for a longer period. Usually the school schedule will either start earlier or finish earlier enabling the athlete to use this time to train.
This is usually the best option for international players but our staff will discuss all different options with you.


The online/virtual route offers the most flexibility to the athletes schedule. Schooling hours are done around the players tennis schedule.It is important to check with your local school district for online schooling.International students should also check with advisers at there current school.
Our staff are available to discuss different options and can be contacted on the detail above.


All ZMG players that take the online/virtual route are able to work with a tutor onsite during the day in our player lounge and study area.
Many players choose this option and again options can be discussed with our staff by emailing [email protected] or calling 561-829-5350


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