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ZMG endeavors to make the job of a Professional Tennis player as easy as possible. We will take care of all your needs from providing world class training, coaching and fitness, to travel arrangements and sponsorship. Also we firmly believe that traveling in a group and with the right “team dynamics” can significantly help the athlete and ease the financial burden.

ZMG can help with:

Tournament schedule
At the start of each season, ZMG will sit down with each player to come up with a challenging workable tournament schedule, that will look to provide the greatest possible development of each player and achieve the goals set out. This will enable the training program to be effectively delivered to maximize peak performance at each and every one of these events. Players will travel with a coach to each event.

Travel arrangements and bookings

One of the biggest hassles of tournament travel is booking hotel rooms; flights, transfers and making sure you have the entire required visa and travel documentation for entry into each country. ZMG will take this worry off your hands and allow you to fully concentrate on your tennis by managing your full schedule. We will make all travel arrangements and often gain significant discounts to what you would normally find elsewhere.

Racquet, String and Apparel
Through our relationships with many companies in the industry, both in Australia and Overseas, we will work towards gaining sponsorship for the athlete to ease the financial burden. Racquet and especially clothing contracts are becoming increasingly more difficult to gain and this service we provide is invaluable to the development of a Professional Tennis Player.

Personal Sponsorship
Through our network of contacts in corporate Australia and America we will work on gaining personal sponsorship and endorsements for all our players. These contracts can become a necessity in easing the burden of traveling on the professional tennis tour, and is something that we are fully committed to, in order to maximize the development of the athlete.

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