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Step 3 – Junior Development Academy

The third step in the ZMG Tennis Development Pathway is our Junior Development Academy.  This step is vitally important in the development and progression of our junior athletes and ensures they have all the tools essential to successfully move into the High Performance Academy and ProTeam programs.  Players in this program will continue to work on technique and stroke production in both closed and open environments.  These players will gain an understanding of the essential tools needed to develop a successful tennis player and work on incorporating these into their own games.  Players in this group will also start competing in tournaments gaining vital experience on this side of their development.  This program will use the green ball and transition the players into mainly using the yellow ball as the players progress. Also a big part of this program will be the monthly tournament trips where the coaches will take the player to tournaments to introduce them to tournament play.  The next step in the development pathway is the High Performance Academy (by level) program.  In order to move from the Junior Development Academy to the high Performance Academy the following competencies must be met.

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